Initialising the magic...
Initialising the magic...

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What is iunv?

iunv is an attepmt to bring back the Indian user to using native products rather than those of others.


A little creation of ours, a simple search enigne for all your needs!

The birth of iunv?

Well, this is where things get funny!
Click here!
if you want to know who created iunv, or when you're done doing it!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! A collection of delightful games to relax your busy mind!

Why iunv?

iunv, because we care for you, we grow with you and we shall be with you.


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Anubhav Singh

Age: 16 years
Location: India


Our services, under construction for now!

Services we offer?

We provide almost all services you'll need in your 24 hours!
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    About Us - A little bit of us.
    We love telling people about us! Thanks for your interest!
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    Contact Us - For we love to hear from you.
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    Terms and Conditions - A bit of laws.
    Considering the limitless opprtunities iunv provides, we shall adhere to these laws...
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    Privacy Policy - We keep secrets.
    You trust us, we keep your secret.
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    Frequently Asked Questions - Solving your problems.
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